Monitor WF470 (Monitor Code: 6FM1496-4DA22, 6FM1496-4DA10) [LCD12-0088]
17 abril, 2018
Monitor de sustitución SIEMENS WS 400-22 [LCD84-0088]
17 abril, 2018
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Monitor de sustitución SIEMENS WS 400-20 [LCD84-0083]


8,4” TFT replacement monitor for SIEMENS WS400-20

LCD84-0083 is a modern 8.4″ TFT LCD monitor that replaces the original 9″ monochrome and 10″ colour CRT monitors fitted to the following Siemens controls: Siemens WS 400-20 with WF 470 graphics card
Our replacement LCD monitor is electrically and mechanically compatible with the original CRT monitor, and is easily swapped in a few simple steps. It is supplied with a front plate for mounting directly on the front panel.
An 8.4″ LCD gives the same effective viewing area as a 9″ and 10″ CRT.


Ficha técnica LCD84-0083


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8,4” TFT LCD replacement monitor for 9” bzw. 10” CRT Monitor (monochrom and color).

  • Manufacturer: SIEMENS
  • Control: WS 400-20 (with graphic card WF 470, 6FM1470-4AA25)
  • Mechanical version: Front plate incl. protective screen
  • Input signal: 3x BNC
  • Front Panel (WxH): 220×173 mm
  • Power supply: 85-240V AC
  • Siemens Monitor Codes:
    • 6FM1420-1AA00 (Mono)
    • 6FM1420-1BA00 (color)
    • 6FM1420-1BA02
    • 6FM1496-2BA22
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