Monitor OSP 7000L OSP 7000M [LCD10-0073]
17 abril, 2018
Monitor MP20/C25 (control: CP 527,CP528) [LCD84-0082]
17 abril, 2018
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Monitor OSP 7000L, OSPU100L [LCD12-0067]


12,1” TFT replacement monitor for OKUMA 7000L / OKUMA OSP-U100L

This 12,1” Industrie monitor replaces 12″ CRT Monitor of controller Okuma OSP 7000L and OSP-U100L.


Ficha técnica LCD12-0067


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12,1” TFT LCD industrial monitor as replacement for 14” CRT monitor.

  • Manufacturer: OKUMA
  • Control: OSP 7000L, OSPU100L
  • Mechanical version: Chassis with Curvature incl. protective screen
  • Input signal: 20 pol. Honda connector silber
  • Power supply: 85-240V AC
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Peso 3 kg