Monitor OSP 7000L, OSPU100L [LCD12-0067]
17 abril, 2018
Monitor WF470 (Monitor Code: 6FM1496-4DA22, 6FM1496-4DA10) [LCD12-0088]
17 abril, 2018
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Monitor MP20/C25 (control: CP 527,CP528) [LCD84-0082]


8,4” TFT replacement monitor for SIEMENS MP 20/C25

This 8.4″ colour LCD monitor replaces the original 10″ colour CRT monitors that are fitted to the Siemens Simatic MP20/C25.
Our specially developed replacement monitors have been designed to give the same operation as the original CRT monitor, but with higher performance. The display is crisper and brighter, making it much easier to read. Importantly, the lower power consumption of our LCD monitors reduces your running costs by a quarter compared to the old CRT. It is mechanically and electrically compatible with the original CRT, and is supplied with all the relevant cables and connectors to ensure a fast, simple installation.


Ficha técnica LCD84-0082


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8,4” TFT LCD replacement monitor for 10” CRT Monitor.

  • Manufacturer: SIEMENS
  • Monitor Panel: MP20/C25
  • Control: CP 526, CP527,CP528
  • Mechanical version: Front plate incl. protective screen
  • Input signal: 3x BNC Input signal (6 x BNC available for possible loop-through operation)
  • Front Panel (WxH): 220×173 mm
  • Power supply: 85-240V AC
  • Siemens Monitor Codes: 6AV5020-1AC11-1AA0 6AV5020-1BD11-1AA0 6AV5020-1BD11-0BA0
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