Monitor de reemplazo TSUBIS WS 510P [LCD84-0101]
28 mayo, 2018
Monitor de reemplazo TSUBIS WF470 (Montior Code: 6FM1496-2CA21, 6FM1496-2DA10) [LCD12-0089]
28 mayo, 2018
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Monitor de reemplazo TSUBIS MP12-527 (control: CP527 M) [LCD10-0011]

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10″ TFT industrial monitor as replacement for CRT monitor.

monitor: 12″ monitor
control unit: SIEMENS MP12-527: 6AV1122-1AA00; 6AV1122-2BA00


Ficha técnica LCD10-0011


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Display 10,4” TFT Full Colour active, 640x480Pixel
Active area 216 x 163 mm (B x H)
Frequency 15 – 45 kHz horizontal, 50 – 75 Hz vertikal
Input signal 1 x BNC
Housing 290 x 220 mm (BxH)
Settings via OSD (On Screen Display)
Input voltage DC 12V
Operating temperature -10 to 55°C
Manufactured according to CE industry standard, EN55022, EN55024
Article no.: LCD10-0011
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