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Monitor Mill Plus (Heidenhain-Code: MC14018U-780B) [LCD12-0201]


12,1” TFT replacement monitor for DECKEL MAHO MILL PLUS

This 12.1″ TFT LCD monitor is a replacement for the original 14″ monochrome CRT that is fitted to the Deckel Maho Mill Plus. Please note that a 12.1″ TFT LCD gives the same viewing area as a 14″ CRT.
It is a drop-in replacement that is fully compatible, both mechanically and electrically. Simply remove the old CRT and fit the new LCD monitor using the supplied side mounting brackets. There is no need for modifications. The video connection is made via a 15 pin (3 row) D-sub cable or 15 pin (2 row) D-sub connector. The monitor operates from a 85-240 VAC supply.


Ficha técnica LCD12-0201


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12,1” Idustrial monitor for Deckel Maho as replacement for colored 14” CRT Monitor Mill Plus.

  • Manufacturer: DECKEL MAHO
  • Control: Mill Plus, Grandig Manual Plus, CNC Pilot Mill Plus
  • Mechanical version: Chassis with Curvature incl. protective screen (without keyboard)
  • Input signal: 15 pol. 2 row D-SUB connector
  • Power supply: 85-240V AC
  • Heidenhain Monitor Codes: Id.Nr.: MC14018U-780B
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