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22 enero, 2017
Monitor MAZAK T1 [LCD10-0068]
6 abril, 2018
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Monitor Mazatrol M-2, T2 , M32T CNC TX 8F, Citizen M20 with Mitsubishi Meldas M plus, T plus, MAZAK SQT 15 [LCD12-0046]


12,1” TFT replacement monitor for MAZAK

Our LCD12-0046 replacement Mazak monitors are a modern 12.1″ colour TFT LCD replacement display that is compatible with all Mazak 14″ colour CRT monitors – for example the Mazak Mazatrol M-2, Mazak Mazatrol T2, T-2, T Plus, T32, T-32, Mazak Mazatrol M32, M32B, M32T, M32+, M-32, Mazak Mazatrol M Plus controllers, and Mitsubishi Meldas 500.

Ficha técnica LCD12-0046


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12,1” TFT LCD industrial monitor as replacement for colored 14” and monochrom 12” CRT monitor.

  • Manufacturer: MAZAK
  • Control: Mazatrol CAM M2, M-2, M PLUS, M32, M32B, M32T, M32+, M-32, T-2, T PLUS, T32, T-32, mitsubishi Meldas 500
  • Mechanical version: Chassis with angle and Curvature incl. protective screen
  • Input signal: 15 pol. 3 row MOLEX connector and 10 pol. connector
  • Power supply: 85-240V AC Original Monitor Codes:
    • mitsubish C-3470
    • mitsubishi C-5470
    • CD-1472-D1M
    • CD-1472D1M2
    • MDT1283B
    • DR-5614
    • CRT12B-TX32B / E
    • CDT-14148B
    • CDT-14148B-1A
    • KME 26S14019R
    • 26S-14019L
    • 26S-14019C
    • Hitachi AIQA8DSP40
    • 8DSP-40
    • AQ1A-8DSP40
    • TOI12LB1
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