Monitor de reemplazo BE132B (control: CNC132, CNC223, CNC232, CNC322) [LCD12-0203]
28 mayo, 2018
Monitor TFT de reemplazo Dialog 11/12, FP3, FP50 NC [LCD12-0072]
28 mayo, 2018
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Monitor TFT de reemplazo Dialog 1-4, Contour 1-3 [LCD84-0032]


8,4” TFT replacement monitor for DECKEL

This 8.4″ TFT LCD monitor is a replacement for the original 9″ monochrome CRT the is fitted to the Deckel Contour 1.
It is a drop-in replacement that is fully compatible, both mechanically and electrically. Simply remove the old CRT and fit the new LCD monitor without the need for modifications. Then connect the supplied Video/Power cable.

Ficha técnica LCD84-0032


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8,4” Idustrial monitor for 9” CRT (monochrom green) monitor.

  • Manufacturer: DECKEL
  • Control: Dialog 1, Dialog 2, Dialog 3, Dialog 4, Contour 1, Contour 2, Contour 3, FP3A Multiform
  • Input signal: 20 pol.
  • Power supply: 15V DC Input signal
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