Monitor industrial TNC 124 (control: TNC310) [LCD95-0002]
28 mayo, 2018
Monitor de sustitución CNC PILOT 4290 [LCD10-0125]
28 mayo, 2018
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Monitor BFT 121G (control: Manual Plus 3110, 4110) [LCD10-0148]

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This 9.5″ industrial display was designed as a replacement for the display on the control Heidenhain.

Monitor: Heidenhain  Manuell Plus 3110, 4110, BFT121G


Ficha técnica LCD10-0148


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LCD Monitor 10,4” TFT Display 640 x 480
Replacement monitor for Heihain BFT 121G
Active Bildfläche 211,2 x 158,4 mm
control Manuell Pluss 3110,4110
Operating temperature 0° to 55°C
Manufactured according to CE industry standard, EN55022, EN55024
Article no.: LCD10-0148
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Peso 3 kg