Monitor MC14018U-780B (control: CNC Pilot, Mill Plus) [LCD12-0211]
22 mayo, 2018
Monitor de reemplazo Positip 850 [LCD10-0216]
22 mayo, 2018
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Monitor BF155M (control: iTNC530) [LCD15-0098]


This 15 “TFT installation monitor has been designed as replacement for the Heidenhain 15” Monitor BF 150 on the control HEIDENHAIN iTNC530. With the plug & play principle, electrically and mechanically compatible 1:1, the conversion is quick and easy with a few simple steps.


Ficha técnica LCD15-0098


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This 15 “industrial monitor has been designed as replacement for the 15” TFT Monitor of Heidenhain.

Control: Heidenhain iTNC530
Monitor:  BF155 M

Display Resolution 15“ TFT Full Colour active / 1024 x 768 Pixel
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Frequency 15-45 kHz horizontal, 50-75 Hz vertikal
Settings via OSD (On Screen Display)
Active area 307 x 231 mm (B x H)
Housing Compatible
Front panel 400 x 350 mm (B x H)
Control iTNC 530
Input signal 44 pin3-row HD-SUB connector
Power supply DC 24 V
Operation temperature -10°C bis 55°C
Manufactured according to CE Industrienorm, EN55022, EN55024
Article Nr.: LCD15-0098
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Peso 3 kg