Monitor BF120, BF129 (control: TNC410M, 416, 426M, 430M) [LCD10-0106]
17 abril, 2018
Monitor BE411 (control: TNC155) [LCD12-0035]
17 abril, 2018
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Monitor BF120 (control: TNC 410M, 416, 426M, 430M) [LCD10-0175]


10,4” TFT replacement monitor for BF120 front plate with keyboard.
This Heidenhain BF120 monitor is a modern 10.4″ colour TFT LCD replacement display for the original 10.4″ colour LCD monitor that was fitted to the Heidenhain TNC410M, TNC416, TNC426M, TNC430M controllers.
HEIDENHAIN Monitor Codes:
Id.Nr. 313 506-02


Ficha técnica LCD10-0175


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10,4” TFT industrial monitor with integrated keyboard as replacement for 10,4” TFT monitor BF120 / BF129.

  • Manufacturer: Heidenhain
  • Control: TNC 410M, TNC 416, TNC 426M, TNC 430M
  • Mechanical version: Front plate inklusive keyboard
  • Input signal: HD D-SUB 62-pin / 3-row
  • Power supply: 24V DC
  • Heidenhain Monitor Codes: BF120-Id.Nr. 313 506-02
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