Monitor BE110, BE111, BE135 (control: TNC 135/145/ 150 /151) [LCD84-0011]
17 abril, 2018
Monitor BF120 (control: TNC 410M, 416, 426M, 430M) [LCD10-0175]
17 abril, 2018
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Monitor BF120, BF129 (control: TNC410M, 416, 426M, 430M) [LCD10-0106]


10,4″ TFT replacement monitor for HEIDENHAIN BF120/BF129 (Mounting).
One of the biggest causes of failure on the original Heidenhain BF120/BF129 monitor is the cooling fan that is housed within the monitor casing. The fan has a tendency to suck in metal filings and moisture, thus causing failure of the screen electronics. Our replacement Heidenhain BF120 monitor uses modern electronics and clever design to completely remove the need for a fan. The result is a monitor that runs cooler, has lower power consumption and lasts longer. It is a modern 10.4″ colour TFT LCD replacement display for the original 10.4″ colour LCD monitor that was fitted to the Heidenhain TNC410M, TNC416, TNC426M, TNC430M controllers.
HEIDENHAIN Monitor Codes:
Id.Nr.313 506-02
Id.Nr. 313 506-11


Ficha técnica LCD10-0106


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10,4” industrial monitor (without Front plate and keyboard) as replacement for 10,4” TFT monitor BF120 / BF129.

  • Manufacturer: Heidenhain
  • Control: TNC 410M, TNC 416, TNC 426M, TNC 430M
  • Mechanical version: Chassis (without Front plate)
  • Input signal: HD D-SUB 62-pin / 3-row
  • Power supply: 24V DC
  • Heidenhain Monitor Codes: BF120-Id.Nr. 313 506-02 BF129-Id.Nr. 313 506-11
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