MONA-S5 [LCD19-0013]
28 May, 2018
6T,6B,6M,0, 0M, 0T, 6, 6MB, 6BT, 11, 11M,15-M, 11T [LCD84-0079]
28 May, 2018
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A61L-0001-0139 [LCD84-0092]

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8,4″ TFT display for Fanuc control LCD units. The Fanuc cnc unit series.
Fanuc LCD unit code:


Ficha técnica LCD84-0092


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LCD Replacement monitor 10,4“ TFT Full Colour active / 800×600 Pixel
Diagonale 10,4“
control HEIHAIN 4290
Maschinenhersteller Gildemeister CTX400SC0
Operating temperature -10 to 55°C
Manufactured according to CE industry standard, EN55022, EN55024
Article no.: LCD84-0092
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Weight 3 kg