Serie 6,10,6M,6T,10T,10M,11M,11T, 15A,15B,15M,15T,0-MC, 0-TC, 0-MD [LCD12-0002]
28 May, 2018
A61L-0001-0168 (Fanuc 16i, Fanuc 18i, Fanuc 20i, Fanuc 21i FANUC 0i, 0i-Mate Model B) [LCD10-0117]
28 May, 2018
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A02b-0163-C332 (Fanuc Series 15-M) [LCD10-0199]


This 10,4″ TFT industrial monitor is a replacement for the 9,5″ TFT monitor of the Fanuc unit.

Control unit: Fanuc 18-T
Monitor: 9,5″ TFT monitor, LCD/MDI Unit



Ficha técnica LCD10-0199


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